Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another UFO complete.

It looks a little wonky, but that's because the pillow form is a wonky $3 IKEA pillow.  I might add some batting or something to plump it out a bit.  I'm pleased with how the zipper came out.  I've had the butterfly done for over a year - it's a random Google images design I found and thought would look nice embroidered.  The thread is a variegated Presencia perle cotton, and the fabric is a Moda Marble.  

Anyone have a link to a good tutorial (with pictures!) that shows how to avoid the "dog ears" when making a pillow?

Edited to add:

I found this tutorial.  I tweaked my pillowcase by cutting it down another 1 1/2" on each side and using the method.  It helped quite a bit for the fullness and a little on the dog ears, but I still stand by the pillowform is wonky statement.  The corners have very little filling, despite my best efforts.  Thoughts?

Updated pillow:

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